How can I request/reset my Password?

If you forgot your password and need help logging into your Spotz account, you can request your password be sent to your email address following a few easy steps.

How Can I Request My Password?

  1. Begin by attempting to sign into your Spotz account by clicking on Login/Sign Up located in the top right corner of the Spotz homepage.

  2. When prompted to enter your email address and password press Forgot password, above the Sign In button. 

  3. Enter the email address you use for Spotz and select Request Password. Once you select Request Password you will receive an email prompting you to "Choose a new password".

  4. Once you select "Choose a new password", you will be redirected back to the Spotz homepage with a window letting you reset your password. In the upper box, type in your new password. After you type your new password in the upper box, type the same password in the lower box and select "Reset Password".

    *Note: Password must contain one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and one non-alphanumeric character (symbol)

  5. After you reset your password, proceed to login to your Spotz account