How do I Add an Admin Member?

To become an admin member, you must be invited. The current admin of the organization will need to invite you via email for you to receive administrative privileges. Once the admin member sends the invitation, you will receive an email asking to confirm your membership into the admin role. Upon confirmation of the group invitation, you will be redirected to the Spotz website with the ability to edit and approve rentals with admin access within your organization. 

To Add an Admin Member: 

  1. On our your organization home page select the edit icon next to the System group you would like to add a member to.

  2. Now on the Admin Members page within "Groups and Members", you can add or remove Admin members. To add an admin member, simply type their email into the box, and select Invite. The user will receive an invitation via email. Once the member confirms their membership as an admin, they will have full access to the organization.