How do I Approve or Deny Members into a Group?

As a host organization you have the choice of creating both private and public groups to help charge different prices for the different renters of your space. Although you may have public groups, that does not necessarily mean that anyone can join, but rather anyone can apply to join. As the host, you have the power to accept or deny any applicant that attempts to join a group.

  1. Once a renter applies to join a group, they may be required to upload a document or proof of identification. After a renter finishes their application process, the organization admin will receive an email notifying them of the applicant. 

  2. When a membership request comes in, the admin can click on View All Membership Requests to be brought to the Groups & Memberships page. If the admin is already on Spotz, they can get to the Groups & Memberships page by clicking on the pencil icon on the corresponding group from the Organization page.

  3. On the Groups & Membership page, click on the Members tab to see current and prospective group members. 

  4. To review an applicant, begin by clicking on View Application Files to view the specific documents required to join the group. Then, click on Application File once you receive the View Application Files popup.

  5. Clicking on Application File will open a new tab with the applicant's file. 

  6. If the application files look good, you can go back to the Groups & Memberships page and either Approve or Deny the applicant by selecting Approve or Deny. Upon selecting Approve, you can set levels of access for the group member by limiting what spaces that member can or cannot book. If you would like to give the group member access to every space in the facility, select Save.

  7. To limit the member's access, begin by clicking on Custom. Next, you can select either specific Facilities or Spaces that the member is limited to renting. Click on all the facilities and spaces that you would like to allow the member to book. When finished select Save.

  8. Upon selecting save, you will see a green confirmation box appear confirming the membership the renter.