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How do I create a Facility?

What is a Facility?

A "Facility” is a group of “Spaces" that are in one geographic location or are in one building.  For example - a park is a facility and the soccer fields at that park are spaces. The park would be part of a Parks & Recreation department, which would be the organization. A facility can have spaces that are both indoor and outdoor, for example, a high school is a facility and the gymnasium within the high school and the baseball diamonds on the property of the high school would be spaces of the high school facility.  

To create a facility:

  1. Starting at your organization's homepage, within the “Facilities” heading on the left side, select the orange “add” button.

  2. That will route you to a new “edit facility” page.  Follow the prompts and enter in all of the information for your the facility you are creating. Please be as descriptive and detailed as possible. There is an "Amenities" section that allows you to choose all of your facility's amenities including heat, parking, wifi, shelter, and others. This is helpful to include as renters may factor in your facility's amenities when booking a space. Note: The Amenities section will appear once you select Indoor, Outdoor, Indoor/Outdoor.


  3. When complete select the orange “save” button.

  4. To view your facility as it will appear on Spotz, from the facility page, select the  icon on the upper left hand side of your page. This will open a new tab in your web browser and show a preview of your facility page.   


  5.  To make edits to your facility on the facility management page select the pencil icon next to the facility name to be directed to the “edit facility” page where changes can be made within the appropriate fields. Click save following any changes.