How do I create a Group Discount?

What is a Group Discount? 

An organizations administrator can charge different prices between groups by setting a percent discount that is taken off the original price listing. If a 20% discount is assigned to a group, a $100 rental would be discounted to $80.   For instance as a municipality you may grant groups that are affiliated with a non-profit organizations such as a Girl Scout Troop a discount. Or members of the community may receive a 10% discount while non-members of the community would have to pay full price.

How to create a Group Discount: 

  1. Starting at the organizations administrative home page, locate the Custom Groups heading on the right hand side and select the pencil icon next to the group you would like to add a discount for.

  2. On the "Groups and Memberships" page of the group you selected, locate the Discount % heading and input the discount percentage you would like to apply to the groupNote: entering 50 would give the group 50% off the listed price of a space.  

  3. When complete be sure to select Save.

  4. A save success box will briefly be displayed at the bottom of the page to confirm that edits were applied to the Group. 

  5. When you go back to your organization home page you will see the Discount will be shown under the custom groups heading. 

  6. Now, when a renter goes to book a space or join a group, they will see that the North York Soccer Club will receive a 50% discount on their bookings