How do I create a Private Group?

Within larger organizations, it is helpful to have private groups to better control who has access to rentals. Private groups, unlike public groups, require an invitation to join making the group much more secure than public groups. 

  1. Begin by creating your group by following the instructions on the How Do I Create a Group? page. When you reach Private/Invite Only, you will want to click the check box.

  2. To add members to the private group, begin by select the Members tab. You can than add members by their email address or by first or last name, if they are currently have a Spotz account. Once you enter the name or email of the member you would like to invite, click the Invite button to send the invitation.

  3. Once the member confirms membership into the group, they will appear under the members tab of the private group. You can then view the member's profile and remove or reinstate the member at any time.