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How do I create a Space?

  1. Starting at your organization's page, select the facility you would like to add spaces to. Your organization's facilities will be listed under the Facilities heading on the lower left hand side of your page.  

  2. On the facility page, your existing spaces will be listed under the Spaces heading. Click the add button next to the "Spaces" heading to begin creating your spaces.

  3. That will bring you to the New Space page.  Here is where you can input your space, choose a price to charge, include a brief tagline and summary giving renters a description of your space, choose the space type, surface, and dimensions, and include any add-ons that your space may include. Click save when you are finished.

  4. When you are finished, you will be directed to the Space page. This page allow you to create availabilitycreate exceptions and assignments,  add photos to your space, and include any add-ons that your space may require. When finished you can go back to your Facility or Organization page.