How do I create Internal Assignments?

The assign space page allows a host to create calendar entries for $0 internal events or events booked outside of Spotz.  This is mostly for hosts that want to utilize our application to list all of the things that are going on in their space and not just to sell excess space. You may also run into a situation where an internal assignment may have been cancelled or rescheduled for a later date, providing you with an additional opportunity to make your facility available to rent.

  1. Beginning at the organization home page, select the facility you would like to create an internal assignment for.

  2. From the facility screen, select the space that you will be making an internal assignment for.


  3. On the space page, click on Availability on the left hand side to be brought to the Availability page.


  4. On the availability page, click on +Assignment to begin making your assignment.

  5. Begin by entering in your Event Description. This could be anything such as "Golf Lessons", "Batting Practice" or "JV Soccer Match". After you type in your Event Description, click on the Sport drop-down to select which sport is being played. Note: The only sports that will be listed in the drop-down menu will be sports that are allowed in that space. Lastly, click on the Attendance drop-down menu to select the amount of people attending the internal assignment. 

  6. Click the calendar icon to select the assignment date. To set multiple days, click on the check box to the right of Start Date. When selecting multiple days, click on the calendar icon to choose both a Start Date and an End Date.

  7. You can choose which days of the week your assignment will occur on as well. There are options to of days of the week to choose from including individual days of the week, weekdays, weekends, or all.

  8. Then select the available start and end times.

  9. Before finishing, you have a few more options you can choose from including assigning the assignment to a specific user or group, including a link for registration, and including any possible setup items and instructions. 

  10. To internally assign the assignment to a user, begin clicking on the "Assign Internally" box. From there, click on the Group drop-down to find your internal administrative user groups, such as Admin, Approver, Editor, and Maintenance. To learn more about groups, please visit /wiki/spaces/GDFR/pages/622641.

  11. Once you have selected your internal group, please select a member of that group from the Members drop-down.

  12. After you have chosen your internal group and member, select Save to finish making your assignment.

  13. You may also assign the assignment to an external user. To do so, start by clicking the toggle On/Off on the Internal box to Off

  14. Once the toggle is selected to Off, you can click on the Groups drop-down to choose from a list of custom groups. To learn more about groups, please visit _____

  15. Once you have selected your the group, please select a member of that group from the Members drop-down.

  16. After you have chosen your internal group and member, select Save to finish making your assignment.

  17. If you would like include a link to your registration page, you can easily do so. This will allow renters to sign up for your class, activity, league, etc. from the rental calendar. To do so, begin by clicking on the Registration tab

  18. From the Registration tab, enter in the web address of your registration page. Links should start with http or https. Here, you may also enter in a capacity amount and description that will allow renters to know exactly what the registration is.


  19. After you have chosen your input your registration link, capacity, and description, select Save to finish making your assignment.

  20. To include any setup instructions or items, begin by clicking on the Setup Instructions or Setup Items tabs. The setup instructions and items are only seen by internal personnel for the purpose of readying the space via work orders. To learn more about how Work Orders work, refer to Work Orders.

  21. Any instructions you have, you can type into the box underneath the Setup Instructions tab. These instructions will be provided to your maintenance team in the form of work orders

  22. Setup Items refers to any space add-ons that you would like to have turned on or applied to the assignment. Since this assignment takes places at a Baseball Diamond, the Setup Items listed will be items such as bases, lights, scoreboard, and pitching machine. Click on the On/Off toggle to select any add-ons you would like for your assignment.

  23. When finished inputting any Setup Instructions or Items, select Save to finish making your assignment.

  24. If there are no conflicts with your assignment, you will receive a brief notification alerting you that your assignment has been successfully created.

  25. Your newly created assignment will be listed within the space's Availability page.