When and How do I get Paid?

When do I get paid? 

Spotz will collect on your behalf as your limited payment collection agent.  Spotz will pay you the Total Booking Fees, minus any Host Fees, and any sales taxes collected within 15 days after the end of the month in which the Event of the Booking takes place.

Currently, Spotz will write a check including payment of all rentals to your organization on the 15th of the month following the month that the payment is for.  For example - On July 15th, you will receive a check that includes payment for all rentals for the month of June. On August 15th, you will receive a check that includes payment fora ll rentals for the month of July, etc.

Eventually, we will have ACH deposits that will link directly to your organization's bank account. 

  1. To view how much your payment is, you may visit the Deposits page from your organization homepage. 

  2. From the Deposits page, you can view all reservations that you will receive payment for.

  3. You may also download a report of the Deposits which will show expanded details regarding your payment.