How do I make an Offline Booking?

At your organization, you may have renters coming to your front desk hoping to book a space in person. Spotz allows admins to make a booking online, but with the ability to take a payment offline or to process a check.

  1. Begin at your organization's home page. You can do this by searching for the organization/facility/space type/date the renter would like to rent by using the search bar at the top of the page.

  2. After conducting your search you will be brought to the organization page where you will see various facilities. Click on one of the facilities to view spaces and availability within that facility.

  3. Once you have selected a facility, click on the spaces tab to select a space that the renter would like to book. If the renter has a specific date in mind, but not a specific space or facility in mind, you can search using the Find Time widget to the right.

  4. On the space page, you can scroll down to view the calendar and see what dates and times are available to rent. Click on the date and time that the renter would like to book to begin the booking process. 

  5. Within the booking window, begin by choosing the start time of your booking and either drag or click all of the following available times until the end time of your reservation. If the renter is satisfied with the booking date and time, you can click on Continue to Book to advance.

  6. On the Usage Details window, begin filling out the Event Info details including Sport, Attendance, Name and Additional Info. When you get to the Supervisor portion, instead of filling out your name, click Create Rental for Another User. 

  7. Upon clicking Create Rental for Another user, you will be brought to the Find or Create User window where you can search for an existing user, or create a new user to make the rental in their name. If the renter already exists in our system, begin typing their email address or phone number one of the two search boxes on the left and select search. If the renter does not exist in our system, you may click Create User to begin creating their profile. 

  8. After successfully searching for or creating a new user, you must click to choose that user to apply the rental to. When finished, select Continue.

  9. You will be brought back to the Usage Details page with the renter's information all entered in. Finish filling out the remainder of the required fields and select Continue to Book.

  10. Next, select any add-ons for the renter on the Setup & Option page. When finished, click Continue to Book.

  11. After Setup & Options is the Payment page. The Payment page will allow you to pay via the renter's credit card and process the booking immediately, or you also have the option by paying Cash/Check/Offline. To make an Offline payment, click Pay by Cash/Check/Offline.

  12. By clicking Pay by Cash/Check/Offline, you will have an opportunity to input a Reference ID to enter an invoice number, reference code, or check number. Click Continue to finish the booking.

  13. The final page is the Verify Booking page. The renter must agree to Spotz terms of rental, any organization terms or rental, and any damage deposits. Once they agree to all terms and deposits, you can click the check box and click Book Rental to finish.

  14. The rental will be instantly confirmed and into the system and you may process the offline payment internally.