How do I view Upcoming Rentals?

As a host, or facility administrator, you have the ability to view your upcoming rentals and make changes if necessary. There are a few different ways in which you can view your rentals, depending on your preference and needs.

  1. After approving or denying your Booking Requests, you will need to located the bookings When you first log-in to your Spotz account, you will be brought to the Dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see all of your reservations occurring in the upcoming week. To view all reservations, select View All. This will bring you to the Reservations page which will detail all reservations occurring at your organization.


  2. You can also view reservations at the Facility and Space level by visiting your Facility or Space pages and clicking on Reservations. 

  3.  On the Reservations page, you can view all of your upcoming bookings, cancel bookings, and message renters. To find out how to cancel bookings or message renters, please refer to How Do I Send Messages To Renters.