General FAQ


How much does Spotz cost?

Spotz costs a monthly Software-as-a-Subscription fee. Pricing is based off the the number of facilities or spaces you will be managing with the platform. Users are also charged a convenience fee for transactions processed through the platform.

For additional pricing options, please visit our pricing page.

What is the cost structure of Spotz?

We are all on the same team, our business model is based on shared success.  We make money when our hosts do. Hourly rental prices are set by the host and we charge an additional 3% per rental (Max: $300) for use of services which is tacked on to rentals made through our website, so that we can pursue our mission of developing technology that improves access to athletic space and opportunity. 

What is Spotz Privacy Policy? 

Spotz wants to keep your personal information safe and secure by being as transparent as possible about our data practices and to provide you choices about how your data is used. While we collect personal info (date of birth, address, payment methods, etc), we use it for our own data to provide a better service for our users.

For more details, please visit Spotz's Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding Spotz’s Privacy Policy, please email

How do I terminate my Spotz account? 

You may terminate your Spotz account at any time by providing Spotz with notice of termination in accordance with the instructions available through the Service. Your access to, use of, or participation in the Service, including any content therein, may be prevented by Spotz at any time after your termination of your account. If you are a Host, Spotz will remove your Profile and cease displaying your Profile Content, including your Space listings on or through the Service. If you are a Guest and have a scheduled Booking you will not receive a refund based on the termination of your account.