Groups and Membership Feature

Groups and Memberships Feature

With the groups and memberships feature, an organization administrator can create groups of users within its organization to manage and grant specialized access, permissions and privileges. This feature allows you to charge different prices (through discounts), set lead days (required days to book in advance), create priority rankings among groups (who has access to your space), grant permission for instant booking (the group doesn’t need to wait for you to approve their booking request), privacy settings so that groups can remain incognito and lastly, capabilities to set validation and proof requirements to insure they are who they say.  

Here are some examples of groups that frequently exist within an organization:

  • Municipalities: Residents, non residents, non-profits, clubs, teams, organizations, coaches
  • Educational/Parochial: Students, staff, facility, alumni, community, departments, coaches, clubs 
  • Private Clubs: Members, tier level members, guests of members, non-members, community