What is an Admin Member?

An administrative member of an organization has certain privileges depending on their assigned role.  Admins oversee the entire organization and approve rentals, can make edits and updates listings & calendars.  An administrator can also assign the following roles: 


Solely responsible for approving and denying rental sessions.


Copy and listing editors. Responsible for setting up calendars, including availability blocks and internal rentals.


Facility maintenance user. Access to approved bookings and any work orders for spaces.
Administrative Roles can be customized to have access to select Facilities, Spaces or Space Types. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations with different individuals in the same role between an organizations many facilities.  For instance if an organization has both an east and west facility and they have separate maintenance crews you can specify that an individual only works with the east facility and limits them only to that facility - restricting access to the west facility.  Custom access can be set for any of the administration roles.