How do I update Work Orders?

How are Work Orders created? 

Spotz wants to keep everyone in your organization on the same page, from the time the rental is booked up until the rental occurs. Part of the booking process is preparing for renters using your facilities. Renters may have special requests with their bookings including field lining, volleyball net set-up, or making sure the facility is unlocked prior to the rental. To ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of the renter's needs, Spotz is able to create work orders that are viewable for all and can be updated as progress is made. Learn how to view and update work orders.

Work orders are automatically created upon the creation of a booking or assignment. As soon as the work order is created, it will immediately populate to your organization's event list. All admins, approvers, editors, and maintenance members of your organization will have an opportunity to view and update the work orders.

How to update Work Orders: 

As your maintenance team makes progress on preparing fields and gyms, they will have an opportunity to track that progress to keep everyone within your organization up to date. 

  1. You can view your work orders by one of two ways. The first method would be by clicking Reports while on the dashboard. The other way to reach the work orders is by beginning on your organization's page, click Event List located on the left hand side column.

  2. Within the Event List, you can sort and filter by date, facility, space type, sport and more to find the exact work order(s) that you are looking to view or update.

  3. When you find the work order you are looking for, select View Work Order to begin updating the work order. 

  4. On the Work Order screen, you can click the slider underneath completed to verify that the setup items have been completed and are good to go for the rental. You may also add a custom note with specific instructions by clicking Add Note and typing in any instructions.

  5. Once you mark all of the setup items as Complete, you may select Completed at the bottom of the Work Order screen to finish updating the work order. Upon clicking Completed, you will receive a brief notification alerting you of your successful update.