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General Host FAQ

How do I start managing my athletic space through Spotz’s online market place? 

Start by signing up or requesting a FREE demo. It’s easy with Spotz’s one click sign up. You can sign up with your Facebook or Google account or just with an email.  

Once your Organization Profile has been activated we will set you up with administrative login privileges so you can start managing your spaces with our scheduling and administration tools! After that the ball will be in your court to build your profile, set availability, and accept reservations.  Don’t worry, we will be here to coach you along the way so that you can successfully compete in Spotz’s online market place!  

What is an Organization?

  1. An Organization is the legal managing group commonly categorized as a school distinct, municipality,  private club, non-profit organization, or church/proctorial school that acts as the encompassing entity of a facility and or group of properties.  
  2. An Organization can also be an entity seeking renting permission of a space.  

How do I create an Organization Profile? 

That's easy, we create your organizations profile for you!  Once you have signed up or requested a demo we will contact you with information on how to start managing your organizations profile.  If your organization has spaces already being listed on Spotz that just means we got the ball rolling for you and may already have renters interested in your space! Learn how to create an Organization Profile here. 

What is a Facility?

A "Facility” is a group of “Spaces" that are in one geographic location or are in one building.  For example a park is a Facility and the soccer fields at that park are Spaces. A facility can have spaces that are both indoor and outdoor, for example a high school is a facility and the gymnasium in the high school and the baseball diamonds on the property of the high school are both spaces of the high school facility.  

How do I create a Facility?

To create a facility:

  1. Starting at your organizations administration homepage in the lower left had corner under the “Facilities” heading select the blue “add” button.  
  2. That will route you to a new “create facility” page.  Follow the prompts and enter in all of the information for your the facility you are creating.  When complete select the orange “save” button.
  3. To view your facility as it will appear on Spotz, from the facilities administration homepage select the blue link icon on the upper left hand side of your page. This will open a new tab in your web browser and show a preview of your facility page.   
  4.  To make edits to your facility, on the facility management page select the blue pencil icon in the upper left hand corner to be directed to the “edit facility” page where changes can be made within the text fields.  Again, click save when complete.

What is a Space?

A "Space” is the single bookable athletic property that is part of a Facility and managed by an Organization.  A space is a property that a guest can book such as a baseball diamond, basketball court, studio, etc.  

How do I create a Space?

To create a space:

  1. Starting at your organizations management page select the facility you are wanting to add spaces to. Your Organizations Facilities will be listed under the “Facilities” heading on the lower left hand side of your page.  
  2. Now on the Facility management page you want to populate with spaces to on the left hand side of the page under the “Spaces” heading select the orange add icon.  
  3. That will bring you to the “Create Space” page.  Enter the spaces information into the correct fields.  When complete select “save".

What should I charge for my Space?

Though pricing is completely your discretion, check out our markets pricing guide sheet if you need some guidance. 

How do I claim my Space? 

Do you own or manage an organization listed on Spotz? Great, we want to get you set up as an administrator so that you can start managing your spaces!  To do so Sign up or request a demo.  

How are user search results determined? 

When searching for athletic space on Spotz, users are required to input a location (City, Zip, Organization, or Facility), space type, and date of the event. The search results that will appear are based on availability - Matching facilities that are available on the selected date will appear at the top of the search results. Near the bottom of the search results, you will find other facilities that match your space type and location, but may not be available for your selected date(s).

What is required lead time? 

Required lead time is a feature that allows an organization administrator to set an amount of days that a group has the ability to book a space in advance.  For instance if you are a University you may want to allow students, facility and staff to book a space for a further amount of time out so that they have more availability options.  Then for the general public you may want to set them with a shorter required lead time like 1 day in advance, so that your space can still be rented if not wanted by a higher priority group. Learn how to create required lead time here. 

What is an Instant Booking? 

Instant booking is a feature an organization administrator can grant to selected groups that allows the group to book a space without waiting for approval from the space owner. Learn how to create an Instant Booking here

What is Group Priority? 

Group priority is a feature that allows an organization administrator to assign levels of access to any space listing by creating priority rankings among groups.  If a group is assigned with second priority they have access to any listing at or below that level i.e. second priority, third, fourth, or public listings/general availability but would not have access to a first priority listing.  If a group is assigned public listing/general availability they would only be able to rent spaces with general availability. Learn how to create Group Priority here. 

What is a Group Discount? 

An organizations administrator can charge different prices between groups by setting a percent discount that is taken off the original price listing. If a 20% discount is assigned to a group, a $100 rental would be discounted to $80.   For instance as a municipality you may grant groups that are affiliated with a non-profit organizations such as a Girl Scout Troop a discount. Or members of the community may receive a 10% discount while non-members of the community would have to pay full price. Learn how to create a Group Discount here

Does Spotz create Work Orders? 

Spotz wants to keep everyone in your organization on the same page, from the time the rental is booked up until the rental occurs. Part of the booking process is preparing for renters using your facilities. Renters may have special requests with their bookings including field lining, volleyball net set-up, or making sure the facility is unlocked prior to the rental. To ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of the renter's needs, Spotz is able to create work orders that are viewable for all and can be updated as progress is made. Learn how to view and update work orders. 

What is the difference between a demo and signing up

A Demo is free, and will allow you to manage your organizations profile account  but it does not include access to our premium management tools(link to web description of management tools).  

How much does Spotz Cost? 

Pricing is based off the number of athletic spaces you put to market.  For a quote or addition pricing options email at support@findspotz.com.

What is the cost structure?

As a host, you decide the price of your space and renters pay an additional $2 convenience fee for a single booking or $5 for a multiple booking transaction. Cancel your booking prior to 60 days before rental date for a full refund.  

When do I get paid? 

Spotz will collect on your behalf as your limited payment collection agent.  Spotz will pay you the Total Booking Fees, minus any Host Fees, and any sales taxes collected within 15 days after the end of the month in which the Event of the Booking takes place. Learn how to view payments here. 

Is host supervision required? 

Yes, each booking must have at least one Supervisor present of behalf of the Host Organization, such as an employee or volunteer, on site or otherwise monitoring the facility during an event.  This may include a resource that is available on-call via phone. 

What about Insurance and liability?

Spotz is built to offer insurance on rentals where necessary. At this time the automated service is turned off so if you have specific needs please send a note at https://www.findspotz.com/contact.